Aviation data company FlightAware estimates that there is an average of 9,728 planes carrying 1.27 million people in the air at any given moment.  One of our most popular products for use in aviation is Roundit EMI FMJ.   With 95% optical coverage and its self-wrapping design, it is a favorite of engineers and cable houses alike.

Product Details

Roundit EMI FMJ is a wrap-around sleeving designed for high­ performance EMI shielding of wire and cable bundles. It is manufac­tured from PPS monofilaments and nickel plated copper.  Thanks to its unique geometry and metal insertion, Roundit EMI FMJ is easy to clamp with existing solutions. 

Self-Wrapping Design

The self-wrapping feature of Roundit EMI FMJ allows for quick and easy installation and removal of the product for assembly and maintenance. The design offers innovative solutions to the protection of breakout areas and also pro­vides ease of removal when inspection or maintenance of cables is necessary.

Product Highlights

• Operating temperature from -65ºC to +200ºC (-85ºF to +392ºF)

• High Performance EMI Shielding - Ro max = 5 mΩ - Lt = 0.6 nH/m

• FAR Part 25.853

• Halogen-free

• Self-wrapping design

• EN 45545-2

• Fast and easy installation

• Stable construction

• Ideal for reworking components without disconnecting them

• Blue tracer line indicating the maximum operating diameter

• Cu/Ni metal (ASTM B-355)


If you're interested in Roundit EMI FMJ for your application Titan Electronics stocks a variety of sizes as well as the Roundit Tool for installation.